martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Amigo de Sudán (A friend from Sudan)

Un amigo de Sudán ha querido compartir esta foto con nosotros. Es la primera vez que ponemos algo que nos ha mandado un seguidor y nos ha encantado, especialmente esta foto que vemos el contraste de culturas.
Le damos especialmente las gracias al amigo Ali Hadowry.

A friend from Sudan wants to share this picture with us. It's the first time that we post something from a follower and we love it. Specialy this picture where you can appreciate the contrast between cultures.
We specialy give thanks to our friend Ali Hadowry.

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محمود(باحث عن حب) dijo...

Sudan, an African country, beautiful
It is our neighbors where I am Egyptian
King Farouk was called
King of Egypt and the Sudan before the revolution
Which was launched by Mohamed Naguib in 1952
Have been separated between Egypt and Sudan
Mohamed Naguib first President of Egypt after the revolution of Sudanese origin
Wonderful blog
Unfortunately I blog I'll just translate from Spanish into Arabic
And you type in Arabic and translate it into English
As my English is not good
Said Communion
Thank you very much

Researcher for love

Anónimo dijo...

Thank mr mhamoud i happy to know you in this blog so i well be so glad to translet my blog to spanish my tribe in sudan in cretical position

huerto improvisado dijo...

Thanks Mahmoud for the information, we would love to visit Sudan, It has to be a beautiful country.
Talk to you soon
Take care


huerto improvisado dijo...

Dear Anonimo, make sure you keep us up with the new posts in your blog.
Thanks a lot.


adry dijo...

Esta muy bien esto que haces.